Idiom of the Week - Your Guess is as Good as Mine

your guess is as good as mine- I have absolutely no idea

ex. I don't know what happened here. Your guess is as good as mine.

Idiom of the Week - When Pigs Fly

when pigs fly - something that will never ever happen

ex. I will marry him when pigs fly.

Idiom of the Week - To Steal Someone's Thunder

to steal someone's thunder - to take credit for the works of someone else

ex. She stole her friend's thunder when she told the manager that she was the one who initiated the idea, when actually, she just heard it from her friend.

Idiom of the Week -The Whole Nine Yards

the whole nine yards - everything

ex. You're hearing it right; I'm taking the whole nine yards. Will this amount be enough?

Idiom of the Week - Pipe Down

pipe down - to be quiet

ex. Pipe down! Everything is under control now.

Idiom of the Week - Pig Out

pig out - to eat so much very fast

ex. He is pigging out in the school canteen as we speak.

Idiom of the Week - Off the Hook

off the hook - not needing to deal with a rough situation anymore

ex. The statement of the witness let him off the hook.

Idiom of the Week - Mumbo Jumbo

mumbo jumbo - nonsense

ex. All that mumbo jumbo has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

Idiom of the Week - Loose Canon

loose canon - an unpredictable person who can cause damage if left unchecked

ex. We better keep a close watch on him. He's a loose canon and may ruin our plans.

Idiom of the Week - Level Playing Field

level playing field - a contest that is fair, for no side has an advantage

ex. This competition is only open to amateurs so it is a level playing field.

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